Monday, May 15, 2017

Off to São João da Boa Vista

The Zone on PDay

Bom Dia-
This week was super busy and it was the last week of the transfer. So I have even less time than usual because of the transfer and visiting everyone to say goodbye. Sorry I know the last couple of weeks I have not had much time to write. But I promise, pinky promise that next week will be a good long one! It will be interesting. I got transferred to São João da Boa Vista Centro so I am finally leaving Jardim Amanda after 6 months! I will be going there and opening the area with a new companion, Elder Bahia. If you do not know, opening the area means that neither of the missionaries that will be there will have served there before. Both of us will be new in the area. Usually there is one that has been serving there before but in this area they are moving both missionaries out and moving two new ones in. I am super happy to make the change and have the Lord calling me to another area to do His work. But I will definitely miss the wonderful people of Jardim Amanda. They have loved and supported us as missionaries and have opened their hearts as well as their doors to take care of us, help us to serve the Lord and to be our family while we are here. They will always be a part of me and in my heart. I have attached a few photos of some of the members but will upload more next week.
Last lunch with Adriano y Samara. Going to miss them a lot!
Last time at this table with Sister Diogo for awhile. She is a living example of "the widow's mite". She will give all to help anyone and serve another. All the missionaries in the mission rightfully call her Mae.
With Geldia and her family
With Rogerio and his family

With Irmão Paixão - love this guy!

With Charles, am awesome member of Jardim Amanda Ward
This past week we worked a lot with Sámara. She is a girl that is 22 years old and lives with 2 members. We got to know her a little time back. She has had a lot of difficulties in her life and her whole family was baptized in another church a couple years ago minus her. She didn't feel that was right for her. She felt like something was missing. When we started to talk with her about the gospel and about baptism, she realized in that moment that what was missing before for her was the spirit, power and authority of Christ, which is the priesthood. It was a pretty special moment as she could feel the spirit testifying to her of the truth. We have been teaching her a lot and she has read the Book of Mormon with an open heart and loved it. She reads over and over and over again the same chapters we leave her because she loves reading it so much. The date for her baptism is next Saturday. We already taught her all the lessons and the ZL did the interview on Sunday with her. She is super excited to be baptized. Sadly I will not be able to be here to do it since I will be transferred tomorrow but I am so happy for her!
At the house of Irmão Braz of Hortlandia Centro Ward who I got to know as I did interviews for the sisters in this area.  He had a churassco for me before I left.

The sisters were invited to the churrasco 

Irmão Braz with the goods!
It was a great day yesterday because it was Mothers day! WOOOO! Got to talk to my family! It wasn't the best video quality but hey, I got to talk to my family right? When you only get to do that twice a year anything is fine. Face to face with audio! That is just a present in itself. It made me so happy. Hope everyone got the opportunity to express their gratitude and love to their moms. The whole time I was talking to my family I could not stop smiling because I was thinking what a blessing it is to have a family so great. What a privilege it is that I get to spend an eternity with them. I love my family. I love my dad, my sister, my brother(Kaleb) and especially my MOTHER! WOOO! HAPPY MOTHERS DAY MOM! You're officially the best mother ever, sorry everyone but just so you know, I have the best mom in the world! That's never gonna change. Love you mom and I hope through these words you feel my spirit and love.
A surprise goodbye gift from sweet Miguel for Tio Davis (Uncle Davis).
With Elder Little - going to miss this guy!

PDay with the zone

As I have thought about families this week it has made me think about the beauty of families. Heavenly Father wanted us in families so we could love and support one another. We are all technically family, all sons and daughters of a loving Heavenly Father. So we are all brothers and sisters. We need to remember that. Not judge one another and focus on weaknesses but rather to look at each other and see the divine potential that is there. We need to develop the ability to see people as Christ does. Love them for who they are and who they can become, not focusing on their earthly weaknesses or strengths but seeing them for their eternal celestial worth. We all need help and should not judge others for a sin that is different than our own sin. We all have things to work on. We need to help and love our brothers and sisters. The church is like a hospital. We are all there for the same reason. To receive the blessings of the gospel of Jesus Christ and heal ourselves. We are all there to receive the "balm of Gilead" to heal our hearts and spirits. We are a family, so let's help each other. Two quotes from general conference come to mind, "The repenting sinner is closer to the Lord than the prideful righteous person judging them" and "The most important calling in the church is the one you have right now". So reach out and do what you can to lift another. Have a great week.

Love you all!

Elder Davis

Some of the Sisters of the District

With  Elder Rasmassen - the other DL
With Bishop Estevam

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