Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Let Him Make You Whole

The whole mission with Sister Marriott

Hope everyone is doing well. PDay got moved to today because yesterday was a holiday so everything was basically closed. This week could be described in a lot of words. Hard. Sweaty. Cold. Freezing. Uplifting. Challenging. I don't know which one to use so lets just use all of them haha. First the week started off super super super cold. To get an idea, imagine wearing 3 extra shirts, 2 pairs of pants and 2 pairs of socks and 2 blankets to sleep. Yeah. I never ever ever thought it would be this cold here. But it is only at night. During the day its pretty hot still. There is no heating in any of the houses so whatever temp it is outside it will be that inside too. But anyway this week was hard but also so uplifting. I had a lot of opportunities to improve, learn, love and feel loved. First we had a conference with Sister Marriott this past week. She is the second counselor of the general YW presidency and her talk was awesome. She had a southern accent because she is from Louisiana and so that was super cool. I felt right at home. hahaha I didn't get to talk to her for very long because they rushed her in to talk, she talked then was rushed out but I got to talk to her for a few seconds and I could feel of her love for each and every one of us. It was great. She said that our mission is the most enthusiastic and excited mission that she has ever seen or visited, so WOOOOO! She talked about a topic that I wasn't expecting. She talked about loving your companion. She said something that was pretty interesting. She said " If you don't love your companion or have love for him, first, go and pray. Ask for forgiveness. Second, in the prayer, ask for some of the love that Heavenly Father has for your companion. Third, Use that love to serve him, love him, befriend him, teach him and be taught by him." I loved how she said that we should ask for some of Gods love. He loves each and everyone of us and we can pray and ask for those feelings. We can pray that he helps us remove bad feelings and replace them with good ones but we have to have those real and pure intentions. We did a few exercises with her and then she had to leave but before she left we got a mission picture with her. The picture is of our entire mission with her. Every missionary is packed into that photo and there is a lot of us! haha

Another experience I learned from this past week was with a lady we found when knocking doors. So she visited the church before. We came into her house and planned on teaching her the first lesson but it changed when she started talking about her and her husbands sicknesses. They are older in age and have some sicknesses they are dealing with. In this moment I felt prompted to talk about priesthood blessings and then offer one to her husband then to her. Her husband rejected sadly but she accepted. We gave her a blessing and she told us that before we came, she felt worried, stressed, sick and some other bad feelings but after we came and gave her blessing, she felt at peace. And then before we left, she said "You don't have to go yet, its so early" We passed an hour and half there in total. She said did not want us to leave because she could feel of the spirit of God's love and peace. I testify that each and everyone of us can feel of that comfort that Mimarina was feeling. It was a great learning experience. I am grateful for all of the promptings the Spirit gave me. It is amazing how the Spirit works. God knows each and every one of us. He knows our problems and he trusts us as people, as members and as worthy priesthood holders to be there to help His other children. Each and everyone of us need to develop and use that spiritual sensitivity to recognize and follow the Spirits promptings. Sometimes we doubt whether or not its the Spirit or whether its our own thoughts. Sometimes we think we are just overthinking or its random. When we do that we neglect the Spirit and therein, neglect Gods plans. If we follow it the first time, we have the wonderful chance to bless a child of God that is in need of Him.

My spiritual thought for this week involves asking you to please take 3 minutes to watch this video
If I ever have any extra computer time on PDays I watch mormon messages and conference talks.This is one that inspired me a lot. It is called "The Savior Understands Me". Elder Holland testifies about how important it is for us to have a very personal relationship with Christ because Salvation is a personal and individual experience. I want to bear to you my testimony of the truthfulness of that. Although I cannot explain or comprehend fully the love the Lord has for each and every one of us. I know it is infinite, eternal and unconditional. We are NEVER forgotten. Our Savior loves us tremendously. He wants to help us so very much but we have to let Him in to do the healing and to do His part. We must be willing to be humble enough to accept the fact that we are weak, we are imperfect, we are sinners but with His help, with the Atonement of Jesus Christ, we can return and live with our Heavenly Father and His son Jesus Christ in everlasting love and joy. Because of Jesus Christ and His atonement, I am able to be saved from spiritual and physical death. I love Jesus Christ and He is my Redeemer. Without Him, there would be no Plan of Salvation. He is the central part of Gods Plan. He will always love and help us and we are never too far from the path to return and feel of His love. Remember that He loves you. Know in your heart that He loves each and every one of us and knows of our challenges. In His time, we will receive the help and strengthening we are needing. We just need to do our part, and then wait with patience and have hope. Do your part and He will do His. Christ lives. He is my best friend and He is my Savior. Let Him love you. Let Him heal you, Let Him pick you up and make you whole. I testify of the truthfulness of these things in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Elder Davis

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